Yoga is a complete mind-body system that when practiced whole-heartedly cultivates a way of living which can bring us great joy and wellbeing.

This system acknowledges that we all struggle; and we will, each of us, encounter obstacles in this life.  It is part of the human condition. What is optional is the suffering some of us experience by feeling stuck, powerless or isolated by our challenges.  

Yoga teaches us that where we place our attention matters. Very often the mind becomes the cause of our suffering. However, it can also become the solution to our suffering. This view affords us tremendous power and freedom to transform our lives.

Through Yoga & Mindfulness we harness the power of choice to become more aware of the quality, patterns and functioning of our mind. The mind is the lens of our perception and where we focus our lens shapes our reality.  When being mindful we can transform our experience by examining the value & power of the choices we make, and why we make them. 

We make choices because we believe, either consciously or unconsciously, that our choices will bring us joy, make us feel better, or at the very least offer relief.  When our attention is on something healthy, positive and sustainable we are more likely to experience confidence, wisdom and happiness. A problem occurs however when the object of our focus either doesn't bring about the desired effect, or it never did, but we still believe somehow it will. Our perception gets clouded and we can no longer see clearly.  Our intentions can be good and yet we may not experience the result we are seeking. 

Universally and regardless of our history, interests, or backgrounds we all want to be happy. Yoga, mindfulness & meditation offers an abundant supply of strategies, techniques and tools that can be used in our modern day-to-day lives, empowering us to be responsible for our own well-being regardless of our starting point.