Take Back Your Greatest Commodity

Yoga's foundational text defines yoga as "the ability to direct one's attention toward a chosen object without wavering".  The two key words in this definition are "direct" and "chosen".

Have you ever been with someone you love, but felt distracted? That is because your what (or object) isn't being fully harnessed.

Our attention is our greatest commodity. It literally shapes our day.  What we give our attention to and how well we do it plays a huge role in our overall well-being, happiness, and usefulness.

To illustrate the "what" part of our attention please take 10 seconds (set a timer) to answer this question about the board below: How many shapes are on the board? 

Great job! I am sure you counted several shapes!

3 more questions without looking back at the board: 1) Did you notice the children on the bus? 2) If so, how many were there? 3) What time did the clock say?

If you didn't see the children or the clock that is normal! Usually we only see what we choose to see.

Sometimes, however our choosing is unconscious or habitual so we need to bring the HOW into it.

In his book, "The 6 Pillars of Self Esteem" Nathaniel Branden writes that taking personal responsibility is non-negotiable. It is something we must do. Responsible can be broken down to: able to respond. I love that!

We all have responsibilities that aren't necessarily thrilling but they need to get done. How do we choose to respond?

The task may not be something we might choose as a high value or meaningful; however if we decide that the power of choosing (or directing) is meaningful and valuable to us, then HOW we do it matters, a lot!

Practice today doing one thing at a time. When you are writing emails, do them fully. Maybe set a timer for 10 minutes to answer emails and then allow another chunk of time for another task.  Break big projects into little projects and complete one small task at a time.

There are many studies that show our brains actually aren't able multitask and it only creates more stress.

Check out this 3 minute video on the "Science of Productivity". It is quite interesting and gives some simple tools for creating habits to focus and direct our attention.


Your greatest commodity is your attention. Take it back today and choose wisely.