Day 8: Happiness is a Practice, Not a Destination

Your Choir

Take a moment and make a list of the people in your life who sing your praises. Those that lift you up, make you laugh, celebrate your strengths, and encourage you to follow your dreams. People that sit with you when you have missed the mark or experienced a loss, and simply love you. This is your choir. 

Look back at your list. Are you on it? I wasn't on mine...for years! It didn't even occur to me to be!  For much of my life I was my own worst critic. I was always comparing myself to others and coming up short. And I even believed if I thought or talked highly of myself it was bragging.

In the science of positive psychology, social comparisons are proven to be one of the most efficient thieves of our happiness and well-being.

As a remedy we are encouraged to focus on our strengths. And rather than comparing ourselves to others (not to be confused with being inspired by others) we are encouraged to compare ourselves to an earlier version our ourselves. Am I making progress on my personal path? Notice your improvements, however big or small.

Today is my 42 birthday. I am so happy to be alive and I can finally say with certainty that I am a member of my own choir!  I love my humor. I am a loyal and true friend. I am of service to others. Today I take risks in my life-I show up and follow my heart.

Take a moment to write down or share with a friend what you most love about yourself. It will be your birthday present to me! You are a gift to this world.