Day 13: Happiness is a Practice, Not a Destination


If you were to smile at 3 people today; and those 3 people smiled at 3 people; and those 3 people smiled at 3 people-and so on until this pattern is repeated just 21 times-the whole world to be greeted with a smile!

Amazing! 3 to the power of 21 (3^21) = 10,460,353,203! I can't even translate this number but it is a lot!

The duchenne smile, also known as the authentic smile has been scientifically shown to be contagious and co-occur with such positive emotions as excitement, happiness, joy, interest, awe and love. It is marked by little wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. So with this smile you will not only see the corners of the mouth turn up; but the involuntary muscles around the eyes are stimulated as well.

Smiling is good for our health! Today we have overwhelming scientific research that smiling can improve our immune system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve social connections and even enhance other people's perception of us.

Small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Smile at 3 (or more) people today and notice how you feel!  I am sure you will also make their day brighter!