Day 15: Happiness is a Practice, Not a Destination

Extraordinary Life

Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is an ancient teaching within the wisdom traditions. To recognize or seek the incredible miracle of life in the everyday moments, not just in the obvious ones, is a practice. It can transform a blade of grass into a spiritual experience; and may be an awakening to something bigger.

I was recently watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of Omega Institute was her guest. Oprah asked Elizabeth to define religion and spirituality; and to elaborate on what she believed the difference to be. Elizabeth took her time and answered that in her view spirituality is the seeking or asking: How does the moon hang in the sky? How does a whole tree grow from a tiny seed? Who am I? Religion is an attempt at answering such questions.

Her answer reminded me of this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:"The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common. In other words to find, or seek, the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Notice life today. Take in the smells outside. Pay attention to the colors of the flowers. Look up at the sunshine. Notice a bird flying in the sky. Watch a squirrel climb a tree. Marvel at all the shades of green, blue, yellow and red there are in nature.  Life is extraordinary and it can be found in the hidden treasures right in front of us!