Day 6: Happiness is a Practice, Not a Destination


In one study done with over 1 million people throughout 100 organizations, individuals were asked, "Is it more important to focus on your strengths or your weaknesses?" Overwhelmingly people answered weaknesses!  But science is actually proving the opposite!

It seems to be our default to zone in on what's wrong and try to fix it; rather than appreciate, nurture and build on what is already working.  For years I did that and only found myself defeated, disappointed and burnt out.

Both the science of positive psychology and the wisdom traditions offer us techniques and practices to develop our personal strengths.

Through both of these lenses we compassionately seek to honor our unity, our connection to one other, while we also cultivate what we individually can offer the whole. We were born to let our light shine!

To investigate your strengths try this exercise:

  • Think of a time when you were at your BEST. Write a short summary of what happened, what you were like, what traits and strengths did you discover about yourself? Make a list of those strengths and commit to using one this week in new and fun ways, or even to deal with a challenge