Day 21: Happiness is a Practice, Not a Destination


I did it! Today is the final post of the 21-Day Blog Series I committed to writing. It has been incredibly fulfilling, empowering and fun!  

I want to wholeheartedly thank each of you for making time in your day to read the posts, and for your wonderful words of encouragement, inspiration and appreciation. They made me smile and warmed my heart. 

The teachings and practices from the wisdom traditions and positive psychology have transformed my life. I was once incredibly self-conscious, isolated and anxious. Today thanks to these practices I have more freedom, love, joy and peace in my life than ever before.  

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to spend my life sharing these teachings in my daily work.

If these posts have peaked your interest and you want to learn more about the wisdom traditions and/or the science of positive psychology please join me for my upcoming Deeper Studies Program! 

Deeper Studies Program from June-October 2014: We will meet 10 hours, one weekend a month from June through October; a total of 50 hours. 

Change begins with observation. How we view the world shapes our experience. Both yoga & positive psychology are lenses through which to see ourselves and life more clearly and create a more mindful, deliberate and happy life. In this program we will dive deep into the teachings, science and practices through the tapestry of our own lives to discover tools for expansion and growth, while learning to fully appreciate what we already have, and what is wonderful about who we already are. 

I hope you can join me!  For more details please visit my website at or email me directly at