Day 19: Happiness is a Practice, Not a Destination


One of the definitions of yoga is the ability to change the direction of the mind. Although, yoga first teaches us to recognize that we are more than just our thinking; that there is something bigger and wiser within us which we can access to shift our attention and focus.

"You cannot solve your problem from the same consciousness that created it". -- Albert Einstein

As humans we are gifted with the freedom to transform the frequency we operate on; like changing the channel of a radio or television; and awaken to all of who we are.

At times, often extended period of times, we may over-identify with a particular thought, emotion, belief, or channel and experience static or noise, which might cause us to suffer.

However if we can step back, take a breath and consciously remember we have an inner remote, we can change the channel and experience an entirely different reality.

Our deepest nature cannot be seen but it can be experienced. Awakening occurs when we recognize we are not only what the mind has created as thoughts. We are also the observer of all that is happening-which has unbounded wisdom and clarity.

This is a practice and like everything in yoga is meant to be experienced-not only read our discussed. It is through a regular practice, or sadhana, that we can truly change our frequency. But once we do, it becomes easier and easier to drop into our heart and inner wisdom.

Take a few minutes and practice this simple meditation: Close your eyes and become aware of your thoughts. Observe them as images going across a movie screen and release any judgement. When you find yourself getting lost in a particular thought gently bring yourself back to observing.
Ask yourself the question: what part of me knows I am thinking? This is a practice and takes time.