Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Use Your Emotions to Get Back on Track

For years I tried to change my life by just changing my thinking. But anxiety, stress and overwhelm isn’t just happening in my mind. It’s happening in my body.

In fact, if we were to get technical, it’s thoughts such as, “I can’t get this all done” or “there isn’t enough time” that are the residents of the mind. The feeling produced by those thoughts such as anxiety and overwhelm are what we experience in the body.

To summarize: Thoughts are the creation of the mind and emotions are the creation of the body.


Therefore, if you’re really serious about getting back on track when you feel anxious or overwhelmed, then yes, you must learn to think and focus differently.

But, you must ALSO must learn to feel different. And that requires paying attention to how you feel now and then memorizing a new emotional default.

And since it’s actually emotions that put us in motion these “little engines that could” are extremely important to help us live life with more ease and intelligence.

Emotions are connected to the body and the body is connected to the subconscious mind. That’s why just thinking positive isn’t the whole picture. Even So even as we try be more positive, our subconscious and our emotional habits might be sending us in another direction.

This is why we can recite positive affirmations all day long and still not see the deep and meaningful results we’re seeking.

In this short casual conversational talk I share some of my own experiences and insights around emotional intelligence and and how it’s helping me have a real breakthrough not only with anxiety and overwhelm but in my overall life and success.

NOTE: This talk is from my Soul Subscription “ASK JOY ANYTHING” segment. So you’ll hear me addressing our theme of the month and the group.

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I hope you enjoy this and find it sparks some insight or curiosity about this important topic!



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