The Essentials of Wellbeing

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Years ago, in my first yoga teacher training, I was introduced to the concept of prana. It's a Sanskrit word meaning breath or life-force energy. Obviously, this sounded very important but it also sounded very ethereal and not at all like something I could apply to my modern life.

Fast forward 15 years and prana is a central part of my teachings, coaching and personal life practices for wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment. In fact, It's something I'm already teaching my 5 year old son, Jack, all about.

So what exactly is prana? In a nutshell it's energy. More specifically it's the universal energy that runs through us and everything around us; it's life. That's why the yogi's define prana as life-force energy. Our cells literally need energy to flourish. Maintaining our prana is essential to wellbeing.

Therefore, learning to manage and care for our mind, body, emotions, breath and overall lifestyle becomes not just something nice to do, but something necessary. Becoming the caretakers and gatekeepers of our energy can actually extend our life and vitality. What we consciously or unconsciously do, believe and feel contributes to the balance or imbalance of our prana and our overall life experience. It's amazing and empowering!

Here are just some of the ways we can manage our life force energy:

  • Speak our truth

  • Practice gratitude, appreciation and contentment

  • Spend time with people who inspire and lift us up

  • Eat healthy whole foods

  • Practice yoga (different than a workout, but yoga is designed to balance and nurture our body-mind energy)

  • Meditate

  • Mantra and Visualization practice

  • Love ourselves

  • Breathe deeply

  • Let go of anger and resentments - and all toxic emotions

  • Stop complaining, blaming or comparing - and take responsibility for what we feel, think and do

  • Grow! Expand our comfort zone, forever

  • Lean into the struggle. Don't avoid the hard work it can take to make this life the life we truly want to live.

  • Daily self care rituals

  • Connect to nature

  • Put only natural products on our body / use herbs and oils instead of toxic products

In the 15 years since I first heard the word prana, I've faced dark places within myself, learned how to take responsibly for my own wellbeing, set boundaries I never thought I could, left a job that many said I was crazy to leave - and do my best to show up and be fully me, even when I'm scared. I don't do any of this perfectly, but I do my best. I can still fall back into self-doubt, limiting beliefs and destructive habits. The point is I know I am responsible and I have tools that help me get back up and keep going.

A year ago, I started using essential oils. My main aim was to learn how to use them to support my emotional wellbeing. I'd recently moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, became a mother and started my spiritual coaching practice all over again in a brand new city.

These essential oils have become an essential part of my essential practice of wellbeing. They support me in managing my prana on every level of my being. They work on all 7 systems of our body - as well as our emotions, mind and lifestyle. They are incredible.

TODAY, on my Facebook LIVE, I'm going to share the benefits and uses of the TOP 10 essential oils. These are oils I use every week for:

  • Meditation

  • Sleep

  • Anxious feelings and stress

  • Focus and Clarity

  • Energy and Courage

  • Immunity

  • Motivation and Confidence

  • Digestion

  • Skin care and body care

Let me help you learn more about essential oils, how to manage your prana more efficiently and, experience more wellbeing in daily life.

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Thank you for being part of my community! I am so happy you're here.

With love,


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