The Yajna (Soul-Centered) Model of Wellness


Yajna is a Sanskrit word meaning "that which Supports the Soul". It comes from the 5000 year old yogic scriptures and practices on living a happy and balanced life.

Within the Yajna Wellness Model there are seven aspects of our life. Some of which have been lost in our modern busy society.

  • Mentor or Teacher: Having someone in our life we can talk to, learn from and that can see us from a different vantage point

  • Partner / Spouse / Love: This may or may not be the same partner throughout life. But the essential aspect is that we have someone who really knows us - inside and out. This person knows us in a way we may not represent to the world. This is a person we can rely on and that leans on us. This kind of relationship is an invaluable human growing opportunity)

  • Community: A positive like-minded community that inspires you and uplifts you. We can't get everything we need form one person. Therefore in addition to our partner, community is vital. Pay attention to who you hang around with and spend time with.

  • Friends: As we get older we may not have as many friends as we had when we were young, but having 1 - 3 great friends is the magic number. Even science backs this up. This is your choir or your tribe. These are friends that hold you accountable and love you no matter what. They celebrate your successes and love you through your set-backs.

  • Family: This is the area we don't get to choose. We are born into our family. The key to balance in this area is honesty, kindness and fairness. In this area we must get very honest about how we allow people to treat us and how we treat others. Family is one of the toughest areas to balance for many of us, and sometimes requires a teacher to help.

  • Rituals: rituals help us discern what is important to us and what our value system is. Rituals can help us sustain healthy habits and create change when needed. Developing a daily mind-body-spirit practice is the essential ritual.

  • Nature: This is about our connection to nature, even something bigger than ourselves. We ARE nature. One of the ancient yogas once said that when we cut ourselves off from nature we are committing spiritual dis-ease.

Nature is the aspect of this beautiful Yajna Wellness Model that I’d like to share with you here.

Both spiritual and scientific teachings tell us that by connecting to nature regularly we are more likely to experience greater happiness and wellbeing. I have learned over the last year what a meaningful and beneficial way essential oils can help us easily connect to nature, every single day, from anywhere, anytime..

Essential oils ARE nature. They’ve been used by yogis and other traditions for thousands of years. Essential oils are extracted from plants, bark, stems, leaves and other forms of nature. They support all systems of our body - when they are pure. (That’s the BIG reason I only use doTERRA essential oils).

Science also proves that we can link an emotion or intention to a scent. This means we can repeat a mantra of feel an emotion as we smell the oil and anchor it into our nervous system. This is an incredible tool to help us (and our kids) train our body and mind to release stressors and triggers - and create a new and empowering response to life.

Nature is amazing!!

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Grab a journal! In this first one we’re talking about:

  • Essential Oils 101

  • How they are Sourced

  • Why doTERRA.

I hope you enjoy it! And I hope you use this Yajna Wellness Model to review your life and how you’re nurturing your own mind-body-soul balance and life satisfaction.

With love,


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