Lessons Learned: Anxiety & Alcoholism

Lessons I’ve Learned: Anxiety & Alcoholism

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you might've noticed that over the last 3 years I've been extremely open about my personal struggles with lifelong anxiety - and alcoholism in my early 20's.

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I've shared not only my healing and transformation but I've gone into great detail about my set-backs, challenges, fears and even failures. I've tried to share it all with you.


Because I really want to also share how I’ve overcome all the pain and fear of not being good enough. I want to show you how I stopped identifying with the diagnosis and actually began to heal. So it might help you or someone you love.

Now, you may or may not deal with anxiety, alcoholism or addiction. Maybe it's fear, overwhelm, nervousness, chronic stress or worry. I believe it's all a signal that we’re in some way disconnected and in need of an inner shift. The good news is we’re hardwired and designed to create these transformations

So, if you're just getting to know me I want to share a bit of my story with you.

My hope is you'll find a piece of it you can relate to, discover you're not alone and know there is a real path to peace and happiness.

...."My struggle with anxiety and then alcoholism in my early 20's left me feeling hopeless, tired and alone. I tried everything I could think of to fix myself. I saw myself as broken. By the age of 24 I was no longer drinking alcohol but I felt more anxious than ever before.

Then at the age of 26, two years into sobriety, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This diagnosis finally sent me on a quest to discover who I am beyond the labels and conditions. What I learned changed my life. I came to understand through a miraculous shift in my perception that I was not broken. In trying to fix my problems and rearrange all the circumstance of my life I’d missed the mark. What I came to know is that at any given moment no matter what I was experiencing there exists a place within me that is ALSO totally content, joyful and free. Beyond the ever-changing thoughts, emotions and circumstances, there is within me a calm inner guidance system.

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With daily practice I've learned to reconnect and tune into this part of who I am. I have learned to rewire my emotional and mental habits that were at the cause of my suffering. I now live with more ease, clarity, confidence and purpose. But it is a daily practice. I have discovered there are no quick-fix solutions. It's the lasting ones - the ones that take dedication and choice that are actually the most rewarding and life-changing"...

So much of what society promotes for healing is just addressing symptoms; outside-in prescriptions. Spiritual psychology, yoga tradition and now the more modern sciences demonstrate that we can also experience lasting and deep transformation from the inside-out – and move beyond just treating the diagnosis, but actually aligning the person.

I believe most of our fears stem from not being connected to the deeper truth of who we are. Instead we believe we are lacking in some way or that we are the diagnosis - and that others might find out.

These fears send us in chaotic motion trying to manage and control everything around us. In the process we totally neglect learning the necessary life-skills of choosing, directing and regulating our own thoughts, emotions beliefs and behaviors. We disengage from the potential within us to create lasting change and happiness.


What if instead of identifying with the problem, you said this: "Although right now I may be experiencing ____ it does not in any way diminish who I truly am. I know that inner-peace is always available to me. I am not a diagnosis. I am not a label. I am so much more. Today I choose to be happy."

Try it: Anytime you feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed or worried use this statement and say it again and again, calmly, until you feel an inner shift. You can do it.

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After you listen, I'd love to hear from you. What stood out for you?

With love,


P.S if you have a story like mine, I'd love to hear where you are in your journey and how I can support you more with these blogs, teachings and content.

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