Just like so many of us do, I have people in my life that I often wish were different. 

But they aren't.

And no matter how much I stress, worry, manipulate or complain they don't change. And maybe they don't need to.

But I’ve learned that my spiritual practice is about me; not the world around me and not other people. This means that to preserve my peace and calm there wlll be times that I’ll have to shift my perspective and take actions that are uncomfortable - otherwise I suffer.

That being said, I must admit, not trying to change other people isn’t always easy for me.  In fact, it can be really really hard.

But what I’v found to be even harder than not trying to change other people is LIVING with anger and resentment. These toxic human traits do so much damage to our mind-body system. In fact modern medicine demonstrates that they can even make us sick and it clouds our reality of life.

The cost of trying to change other people is just too great. Therefore, every day I must consciously choose what I focus on, think about and do.

Because the freedom we seek is within own own perception and mindset, not in other peoples choices.

xo Joy