How I Stopped Letting Stress Run My Life

How I Stopped Letting Stress Run My Life

For years I let FEAR (and stress) run my life. I was anxious and overwhelmed - most of the time.

But then something truly miraculous happened.

In 2012, after years of seeking support from teachers, therapist and guides I woke up to the realization that if I committed to taking small daily actions I might be able to stop letting fear and stress run over me.

By this time I had already been practicing yoga since 2005; but it wasn't until I committed to a daily spiritual self-care practice (outside of the group yoga classes) that I finally began to experience some relief - and eventually real tools that helped me break through obstacles. These tools still help me today.

Yoga teaches us that there is a way through every obstacle. But sometimes (most of the time) it takes a shift in perception.


In 2012 I consciously shifted my yoga experience from a physical practice - focused on performing fancy poses and measuring my progress by how flexible my body became - to evaluating my journey by my emotional and mental agility.

Through the lens of yoga psychology it's necessary to take time daily to rediscover and engage with the power of our inner guidance system.

If we are to retrain our brain, master our thoughts & emotions and stop letting the external forces of society run our lives - we need to be with the internal Self that can choose change.

You can call this inner guidance system whatever you like; but it is there quietly guiding you away from chronic stress. Too often though we're distracted by staring at our problems and worries and we forget to look within, get quiet and align.


Yoga psychology nudges us toward the indispensable value of Abyasa; a special practice of connecting to the most intimate part of who we are - beyond just our thoughts and the ever-changing aspects of our lives.

In this place we are free, content and completely whole. To learn to navigate from this place is the key to stop letting stress run our lives. From here we can make much better decisions; aligned with our truth.

How I Began to Practice (and stop letting stress run my life)

  • The first step was making the commitment. Which for many of us is hard because its a new habit. But it CAN be done.

  • Then I found the right support. For me this was key. I needed a kind teacher who had gone through some of what I had and could help me. Not to DO the practice for me but to offer me guidance.

  • Find a positive community. I surrounded myself with positive people interested in finding spiritual balance. I slowly let go of people that were primarily negative and energy depleting.

  • Do the practice: This required I set aside time every day and actually make it a non-negotiable on my calendar. I didn't do this perfectly but I did a lot better than I had in the past and over time it became easier.

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Happy New Year!

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