How to Find Your Inner Peace and Keep it

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Last week my new online community Soul Subscription launched with a kick-off theme of “Peace Begins With Me”.

One of the questions offered in January’s reflection (svadhyaya in sanskrit) is “What triggers or habits disturb my peace?’

It’s an empowering question that encourages us to grow in awareness and joy; and shift from victim consciousness to hero consciousness in our lives. It has helped me tremendously over the years - as well as so many people I work with privately.

This question helps us move our focus from what is happening to us, to what is happening from us.


When we learn tools to tend to what is happening within us we step into the life-changing work of spiritual wisdom.

The fact is that sometimes people will do and say things that are upsetting, unkind or annoying… But we can still choose how we respond. And if things continue to trigger us we need to look at why.

What belief, thought, story, impression, etc would allow a person, place or thing to continually disturb our peace? Or why do we find ourselves disturbed again and again by the same thing?

Years ago, in my 20’s, I lived in a house with several women. One woman was very “needy” (in my perspective). She would ask for what she “wanted” anytime, unapologetically. This disturbed my peace greatly and I had no idea why.

I was eventually guided by a teacher to look within and ask some important questions (like the question I am encouraging you and Soul Subscription members to reflect on).

What I discovered is that I viewed her asking for what she needed as inconsiderate. Then, through more reflection I remembered that when I was a child I was often told that to “want” was wrong - and that I had everything I needed.


So my inability to be vulnerable and to ask for what I needed and wanted (or to even know what I needed) in my life was the ACTUAL disturbance of my peace. She triggered that within ME.

It was amazing. I had an awakening. Yoga reminds us that when we are triggered by something or someone there is also something within us that needs our attention. And the more we can address these blocks within us the more we can reconnect to our inner guidance system. It’s a liberating experience to move from victim consciousness in our lives.

And lastly I had to start to look at my own habits that were disturbing my peace. One habit was saying yes to everyone. I would deny my own needs, but would show up for everyone else. Even when I didn’t have the time or energy - or financial resources. I would still do it.

So, what habits or triggers disturb your peace?

  • Journal about this question.

  • Meditate and listen for any insights.

  • Notice when you are disturbed and see if you can catch patterns that trigger that disturbance.

Paying attention in our lives and noticing where we have been unconscious is quite freeing!

With love,


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