Lifestyle is The Most Powerful Medicine We Have

Lifestyle Is The Most Powerful Medicine We Have

You may know yoga as a practice, but at its roots yoga IS an ancient “lifestyle medicine”.

In fact, yoga therapy draws upon the holistic “Pancha Maya Kosha Model”. Translated as the 5 layers or sheaths of our being.

This simple framework is highly sustainable and personalized.

The pancha-maya-kosha-model serves as a practical whole-person and optimal-health-roadmap for the individual to develop and experience balance, wellbeing and overall health in daily life - based on their needs and imbalances.

That is because every-body-and-mind is different; so there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach.

I rely on this system everyday with clients and students in my mind-body life coaching practice - primarily with men and women experiencing anxiety, fear and disconnection.

The five layers: body, breath, mind, lifestyle wisdom and deep joy.

All of my clients receive a personalized daily practice. And I too have mine.

It is through this consistent practice that we get to “clean” the layers and receive our daily dose of “lifestyle medicine” so necessary for peace-of-mind, balance and optimal health.

Our wellbeing is in our hands and yoga continuously reminds us that self-care is an act of healthcare.

In this 5-minute video below I share one of my favorite breathing practices for working with the breath layer; in sanskrit: pranamayakosha.

The pranayama (breath practice) is anuloma ujjayi.

It not only helps to purify and balance the prana-layer (breath or life force) but also the mind. Because as the breath flows, the mind goes.

As we practice to lengthen the exhale (by closing off one nostril) we simultaneously begin to steady the mind.

And our nervous system also benefits. The “fight or flight” response is allowed to settle while the “rest and digest” system is stimulated. The vagal tone is improved and this greatly increases our ability to self-soothe and self-regulate our emotions, thoughts and choices.

You’ll discover as you learn more about this path, that the tools have a ripple effect which extend out to all levels of our mind-body-spirit system.

Pranayama (breathing practices) are empowering lifestyle tools that also help to build inner strength and capacity to calm anxiety, fear and stress naturally from the inside-out.


I also believe strongly in the power of plant medicine or essential oils.

I personally use essential oils daily and with my family - and professionally with clients in my mind-body coaching practice.

This one in particular is very beneficial for accessing a deep breath; often difficult for those individuals dealing with anxiety, fear or stress concerns.

And breathing deep is also vital for oxygenating the blood which flows to the brain and body, for optimal health.

If you’re interested in enhancing your daily self-care practice with plant medicine (essential oils) please visit my dedicate essential oil site HERE.

And if you have questions at all about the breath practice in the video, please feel welcome to reach out to me directly HERE

Take time daily for your wellbeing. Your mind and body need it and deserve the care.

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