Labels, Like Anxiety, Limit Us

Labels, Like Anxiety, Limit Us

I spent years of my life identifying as anxiety.

I didn't just experience anxiety. I was anxiety. 

I wasn't just diagnosed. I became the label.

I treated myself like a problem; instead of a whole person.

Anxiety is learned. Fear is learned. Suffering is learned.

We can unlearn and relearn. We can change patterns.

We are hardwired to be change-makers

We can balance our nervous system; change our thinking; recreate beliefs, reframe interpretations -- and learn to take new courageous actions. 

Anxiety is a habit of mind and body. And habits can be overcome.

We aren't problems to fix. We're much MUCH bigger than any diagnosis.  

Anxiety is not who we are.  It says nothing of what we're actually capable. 

But, labeling something gives us a false sense of control or certainty. 

So we label.

Yet, there is a price to pay. Because labeling limits us. 

We identify with the label and we ignore the stronger and wiser aspects of who we are.

I was labeled early in life. I was told I had anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.


So I went on a quest to understand myself.

I practiced yoga for years.

I became a certified yoga teacher.

I completed my positive psychology certification.

I attended retreats, workshops and classes. 

I meditated alone and in groups -- and in temples.

I went to energy healers, sound healers, body workers and traditional therapy. 

And I probably read every self-help book you can name. 

But it wasn't until I finally woke up and realized I'm not the diagnosis.

I don't need to spend my life trying to fix a problem that I am NOT. 

Instead, I embrace all of who I am and engage in a new relationship with my whole self.

I'm much more than any one label.

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When my focus shifted from trying to fix myself to recognizing and awakening to all that I already am... my life radically transformed. 

I didn't have to find some secret formula or special power. 

I just had to be willing to remove the beliefs that kept me from experiencing what I already held within -- my happiness, peace of mind and confidence. 

Anxiety is a symptom. We all have symptoms. 

It's fear. It's the human condition.

The cause of my suffering was not anxiety.

It was my belief that I was any less than perfect. 

It was my belief that anxiety was happening to me, rather than through me. 

It was my belief that a label made me separate and different than you. 

It was my belief that I was separate from the light and love within me.

But I'm NOT anxiety. 

I AM Peace. I AM Love. I know there is a Truth within me that is bigger than any obstacle I can see. 

And I know that is True for you too.

With love,


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