How to Clear Negative Energy

Scientists tell us that everything in the universe, physical and non-physical, is made up of energy.   


This means that our thoughts, emotions, environment and people are all made up of energy.  And this energy can invigorate us or deplete us. It can limit us or motivate us. 

Who and what is in control of our energy?

The answer is, we are.

We decide what we watch, what we listen to, who we spend time with and where. We choose what we focus on, believe and think. Ultimately, no one else chooses that for us. We do. 

The quality of our thoughts, beliefs and choices greatly influences the energy of our lives.

Energy is our life fuel. We need good fuel so we can get where we want to go -- and experience optimal mental, emotional and physical health along the way.

So how do we clear negative energy?

  1. The NUMBER ONE step is to work to realize that more than anyone else in the entire world, we are in charge of our lives. When we fall into victimhood or tell ourselves we are stuck or choiceless we perpetuate negativity and create a low energy experience. We must learn the art of choosing to choose, and remind ourselves of that ability, daily.

  2. Challenge thoughts. ULTIMATELY we are in charge of what we think. When I notice a reoccuring thought, I ask myself if the thought is limiting me or inspiring me. Is it true? Could something else be true? Many of the thoughts we have aren't even our thoughts. We have learned them or inherited them. Challenge them on a regular basis and release those thoughts that don't lead you or your life in the direction you want to go.

  3. Stop Blaming. When we blame we lose. Blaming takes us out of our choosing power and pulls us down into victimhood. Even when someone else is in the wrong, we still have to make a choice. We are in charge of our life and our energy. If we hold a resentment, we own that resentment. We have to clear it or that energy will carry over into other areas of our life.

  4. Limit time with negative people or negative environments. Several years ago I had a friend who was very negative and loved to gossip. For a while I indulged because I was afraid to set boundaries. But eventually that energy became intolerable for me. So I began to limit how often I would call her. I would say no instead of yes to her invitations. Eventually that friendship shifted. I now have people in my life that lift me up. But I had to make the chocie.

  5. Daily Practice. This is SO important! Daily conditioning of our mind, heart and attitude is key to limiting negative energy and creating inspiring and energizing energy. A daily practice of yoga, walking, meditating, journaling or reading something inspiring can all be wondeful tools to feed our mind and soul, while releasing limiting negative energy.

I LOVE using tools to enhance my daily practice.

My TWO favorites right now are my river rock and my cypress essential oil. 

  • River Rocks have a beautiful metaphor which I learned from my favorite sound healer, Judy Bernard. River rocks are ususally flat and smooth. They become that way because of the water friction. Like the water to a river rock, life can make us smoother, softer, receptive and more open-hearted, if we learn how to use our energy positively and transform energy wisely. So I will meditate with my river rock or carry it in my pocket or hand while I drive or walk or as I chant my favorite mantra.

  • Cypress Essential Oil is grounding and stablizing but also has an invigorating quality. It is known to help remove and move emotional blocks. It stimulates free flowing energy so that life flows more freely.

I leave you with this quote from one of my favorite thought leaders in the world today, Jack Canfield: “It’s a universal principle that you get more of what you think about, talk about, and feel strongly about.” 

Use your energy wisely and mindfully. Your life will thank you.

With love,