Rituals vs Resolutions: What I'm Choosing in 2019

“How does one become a butterfly”? Pooh asked pensively.

“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar”, Piglet replied.

“You mean to die”? asked Pooh

“Yes and no”, he answered. “What looks like you will die, but what is really you will live on”.
— A.A. Milne


I recently read that when we’re born we have only two fears: the fear of being dropped and the fear of loud noises.

Every other fear is learned. We collect them. We create them. And in some cases they’re passed down to us.

We carry them around like emotional and mental baggage from one destination to other. …And they limit us.

Yet, we ALL have an inner urge to expand and grow. Expression is hardwired into our DNA.

That’s why when fear holds us back for too long we’ll eventually experience dis-ease.

Yogis teach that fear is the root cause of all our suffering

And like the Yogis, Jesus & Buddha both emphasized the importance of daily spiritual practice and the renewing of our minds - because fear is ultimately rooted in misperception and misguided thinking.

From the Caterpillar to the Butterfly

To fly and experience something truly new, we must take inventory of what we believe and what we think. We must learn to manage carefully what we focus on and actively release the baggage of what no longer serves us - or it will manage us.

As Piglet told Pooh, what looks like you - what you’ve become habituated toward (comparison, people-pleasing, anxiety, depression, disconnection, isolation, procrastination, etc) needs to die - but what is really YOU will be revealed.

Why I’m choosing Rituals instead of Resolutions:

In resolution setting we often disregard the wisdom of the ancient yogis that our journey is not one of fixing ourselves but one of remembering who we are.

I want to experience the joy of allowing the good in my life; of creating more of what I want to experience rather than fixing problems.

Rituals are daily, consistent spiritual practices focused on helping us reconnect to our inner truth and wisdom - and align with our highest vision, right now.

Rituals support our growth and expansion:

  • Some days it’s just not easy to wake up and believe in ourselves. Old stories pop up and if we don’t have a ritual in place they can take root and run our day.

  • New habits require a committed mindset, matched with meaningful daily actions.

  • We can’t simply ignore or push down old baggage. But we also don’t have to study it and nurture it. Like a drain pipe, the build-up will eventually clog our energy system and restrict the flow of vitality and creativity… so we must however consciously notice it… then choose to let it go and replace it with something we want to experience.

Creating Your Vision and Daily Rituals… (my personal outline)

I invite you to find a quiet and comfortable space

Have a pen, paper and a candle in this space. You might also find using essential oils that promote truth and calm - like lavender or frankincense - to be helpful.

I often use oils in my journaling, reflection and mediation practices.

Close Your Eyes & Relax Your Body

  • Take 10 deep breathe in and out through your nose slowly. Make your exhale longer than your inhale.

  • As you inhale silently (in your mind) say “I” and as you exhale say “AM’

Then, Read and Repeat this Mantra 10 times:

“As I say yes to life, life says yes to me. I move beyond all fear and limitation. I welcome miracles into my life and I know and trust that life supports me in every way possible”.

Next, Take Your Time & Journal Your Answers to the Questions Below:

  • What do you REALLY want to experience more than anything this year? If you were writing a letter to someone about the best possible 2019 what would you write?

  • What beliefs, stories or qualities are holding you back? What needs to die? Be honest here and get it out.

  • What qualities do you need to embody that will support your greatest desire(s) for 2019?

    • IMPORTANT: (write down qualities like courage, abundance, joy, faith, benefit finder, focused, determined, disciplined - not actions or a do-to list)

      Ge my list of favorite spiritual and empowering QUALITIES

  • What do you need to forgive yourself for? We all make mistakes. We all miss the mark. We are human. We have to accept that. Practice compassion. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself.

  • Who in your life do you need to forgive? (this is about you cleaning up your energy and creative power - forgiveness is necessary to release baggage.

    • Resentment releases chemicals throughout the body that make us sick - emotionally, mentally and spiritually). Remember This process is FOR YOU.

      You can get my Free Meditation Series Here which includes 2 Guided Forgiveness Meditations.

Creating Rituals

  • List from your journaling about 1-3 things that you’d like to experience more of this year.

    • Next, decide on1-3 qualities you must embody from the list you created above or from the list you downloaded (see link above) and write them down next to each intention on your list for 2019.

    • Then get your calendar or daily journal out and write down actions that reflect your intentions and qualities. For example, what would someone who is disciplined or generous do? Rituals support our intentions.

  • Next, write down the limiting beliefs or old stories that hold you back the most in life.

    • Write down qualities you’d rather embody instead of the ones the limiting beliefs produce.

    • Then come up with a mantra, action or new thought you can apply whenever that thought or old story comes up. Create one that matches the quality you’d rather be experiencing. (your are responsible for how you feel and what you do)

Guidelines for Rituals:

  • It’s important that you schedule your rituals on your calendar.

  • Start with just a few and then add more as those become a habit and easy for you.

  • When feelings of doubt or old stories pop up, repeat the mantra above and practice the rituals you’ve committed to.

    • I say my mantra 25 time first thing when I wake up and 10 times before I go to bed.

  • Renew your mind each day and remember your intention. Be the quality now that you want to experience.

  • Read something that inspires you. Create vision boards or have pictures, poems or anything that primes your our mind, heart and environment.

And lastly, commit to a daily meditation practice. This is the BEST way to connect to yourself, quiet the mind and learn to pay attention to what is going on within you.

So much good comes from just a few minutes a day of consistent meditation.

Happy New Year, Butterfly!

Love, Joy

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