Make Better Decision: 3 Simple Questions

Decision making can be difficult. Especially when the world is trying to decide what is best for us. We are bombarded with messages about what a successful or happy life looks like.

But ultimately, as we all know deep down, we have to discover how to make decisions based on our truth, or we suffer. Yet, for many of us decision-making, even when good for us, can be anxiety producing.

In this short video I share three steps from yoga psychology that really help to take the anxiety, fear and stress out of decision-making.

10 years ago, these steps helped me finally leave my “safe and secure” corporate career and dive heart first into the meaningful and fulfilling work I do today.

They also served to guide me and my husband as we made the decision to adopt my baby nephew and move to Nashville, TN.

No matter what decision you need or want to make in your life - big or small - these steps (tools) can help you.

These clarity-creating steps are rooted in yoga’s spiritual psychology. They’ll help you develop a heart centered vantage point of inner confidence from which to make your decisions. With practice, you’ll build the resources to act from trust and strength, rather than fear.

I hope you find this as useful in your own life as I have in mine. And if so, I’d love to hear your favorite take-a-ways from these 3 tools.

And please share if you know anyone in your life that might benefit.

With love,


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