Anxiety, Fear & Overwhelm 
Are Learned Patterns 
That Can Be Changed

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    The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourSELF. The depth and connection you have with your inner Self will support and nourish every other area of your life - and every relationship you have.


    Soul Subscription is a call to come home to yourself.

    It’s an invitation to learn and practice simple but essential tools to become more & more rooted in your ever-present inner joy, love and wisdom.

    Most importantly, Soul Subscription offers you space in your life to slow down, breathe, take time for yourself — and reconnect with all of who you are.

    With your Soul Subscription You’ll Receive a NEW MONTHLY... 

    1. Yoga Class

    2. Guided Meditation

    3. Breathing Practice

    4. Mantra or Affirmation Exercise

    5. Journaling Exercise

    6. Spiritual Podcast - a spiritually inspired podcast on a topics such as balance, lifestyle, relationships, boundaries, communication, transformation, mind-body wellbeing, happiness, purpose and much more…

    7. And weekly Q&A Live chats with me in our Private Facebook Group

    Plus QUARTERLY LIVE VIDEO Group Coaching Calls with me and the community

    ….AND weekly emails from me directly to your inbox to help you throughout your week and the month.

    Coming November 2018!

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