An Online Membership...

Soul Subscription: Everything You Need to Stay Consistent On Your Spiritual Path

Membership includes NEW classes, meditation and breathing practices, education and discovery talks, affirmations and journaling exercises EVERY MONTH, created by me for you!

Membership also includes access to a private facebook group where I'll offer weekly LIVE chats where you can ask me questions, share comments and connect with other like-minded people.

Teachings for this memership are rooted in the practical and proven traditon of yoga psychology -- and supported by studies and practices from modern positive psychology and neuroscience. 

If you experience overwhelm, anxiety and fear, this membership is uniquely designed for YOU!

Soul Subscription Membership includes a NEW Monthly.... 

  1. Yoga Class
  2. Guided Meditation
  3. Breathing Practice
  4. Mantra or Affirmation
  5. Journaling Exericse
  6. Education or Training Talk on a subject that can help you love your life and overcome overwhelm
  7. A supportive private facebook community to connect with daily!

AND weekly emails from me directly to your inbox to help you stay motivated and inspired on your spiritual and self-care path, PLUS weekly LIVE Facebook chats with me where you can get your questions answered and connect. 

Coming October 2018!