Soul-Centered Success Coaching

Trust Yourself / Believe in Yourself / Live with Purpose and Meaning / Make Fulfillment a Daily Practice


There is nothing more influential to your overall happiness and success than your mindset. Your inner attitude is your operating system for your life. When you commit to daily self-care rituals and empowering soul-centered success habits you will reach greater clarity, confidence - and yes, success - than you ever imagined before.

Get plugged-in to your inner guidance system and learn to experience life the way you want to. Through our coaching, you’ll learn key strategies to master a positive and confident mindset, up-level your emotional life, get clear on your life vision and access your creative power to get you where you want to go.

Plug-in to your Soul’s Truth. Take control of how you want to experience life, from the inside out. Discover who you truly are!

Joy’s special coaching style is a unique blend of the most essential teachings and practices from positive psychology, neuroscience, yoga tradition and spiritual psychology.

Become inspired to trust yourself, believe in yourself and reconnect to your inner guidance system - yes, you have one!


Take control of your life. Learn how to transform your energy and commit to life-changing daily self-care and soul-centered success habits. You can choose to experience life anyway you want when you know who you truly are.

When you know who you truly are, what you really want and how you want to feel - you can become plugged-in to a force within yourself that has the potential to create anything.

No matter what is happening around you, the most important things to manage is what’s happening within you. Life is a mirror reflecting back what you already feel, think and believe. If want a new experience, you have to change the picture inside of you. This doesn’t mean you’re not grounded in reality. It means you’re learning to choose the reality you live in.

Private Coaching with Joy Stone Includes:

  • 1, 2-hour foundation and visioning session with Joy

  • 9, 1-hour (focused) private coaching sessions with Joy

  • 15 minute in-between session calls (as needed)

  • Accountability, Structure, Guidance and Support (each session is 100% focused on you and your transformation)

  • Worksheet for each key strategy

  • Custom journal for session notes, reflection and journaling practices

  • Welcome Gift to support your experience

  • Personalized mind-body protocol including custom meditation, breathing and movement practice.

  • Essential oil and supplement protocol (optional)

  • 30 days free access to Soul Subscription (my private online community)

You will walk away from the coaching experience with tools and practices that reach far beyond the coaching sessions. This is not a quick fix but a new and empowering way of living.

You are your number one asset. You are deserving of your own time, attention and resources.

Investment: $2,800. Coaching can be extended in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. To be determined together.

Joy offers sessions worldwide video zoom

Learn What People are saying about working with Joy

I’ve been to many therapists. I’ve attended countless workshops & retreats —and read dozens of self-help books. No person or strategy has ever made as much difference in my life as the coaching work Joy & I have accomplished. I’m learning to break habits that have been with me for decades. I am now very mindful of my thoughts, my emotions, and my reactions. I’m living life the way that I want to and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. The difference is Joy didnt’ just give me information; she kept me accountable and taught me how to put the tools into daily action.
— Cathy W, Teacher
Joy brings an integrated approach to well-being and to the importance of living a balanced life, by incorporating into her teachings the principles of yoga, positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation and breath.
— Steve Sloan, VP, Wells Fargo Bank
Joy came into my life when I needed her the most. As a teacher and mentor, Joy really listened to me and helped guide me through the emotional roller coaster I was on. She shared tools and practices that helped rewire my brain and create new and more positive thought patterns and habits, which I still rely on today. Through positive psychology and the wisdom traditions, Joy helped me change my mind, and thus my life.
— Maegan Tintari, Blogger, Author, Artist
Before working with Joy, I was experiencing daily stress and bouts of anxiety. Within the first three months, both lessened by first understanding and then changing how I dealt with unhealthy behavioral patterns. Now I’m better equipped to work through triggers that would normally have sent me spiraling. I highly recommend working with Joy if personal roadblocks are hindering you from living your best life going forward.
— J.C., Mother & Advocate
I originally began studying yoga philosophy and positive psychology with Joy as a private student and later as part of her deeper studies program. It ended up being one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Joy has such a grounded way of speaking about philosophy that makes it relevant to your daily life and her teachings have helped me understand my life from a new perspective and I have tools when I get stuck. It’s been such a powerful learning for how to transform my life in ways I maybe didn’t think were possible when I began studying with her. I have so much gratitude for her as a teacher and for her continual encouragement and support, always cheering me and her other clients on to live bigger, to act instead of merely thinking about it, to focus on the good, on all that is in my life now.
— Jen Netherby, Teacher at Jen Netherby Yoga