Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose
— Dolly Parton

To live a life with personal integrity and whole purpose means to first connect or reconnect to who we are -- spiritually and emotionally.

If we skip this vital part of our human journey we become entranced in a mental prison of fear, doubt, craving, clinging and grasping.

We'll often find ourselves trapped on the hamster wheel -- stuck in a rat race looking for the next thing out there to fill us up.  We become subtle victims.  the Buddha defines this as the cycle of suffering

That is because nothing out there -- although wonderful -- will ultimately fill the innate need for what I describe as Soul Purpose.  It can only come from within you. 

The longing we all have for Soul Purpose is the reason why after we get the big promotion or the perfect partner we eventually adapt and crave something more, something new -- again and again.

Statements such as, "I am not good enough", "I don't deserve..." , "I feel isolated", or "I feel helpless" are red flags that we need to reconnect to who we are as a whole and complete person.

Soul Purpose blazes the path for Sole Purpose.

We're like fingerprints: unique. We're not designed to be like everyone else. We have a personal presence that only we can offer the world. This doesn't mean we have to put pressure on ourselves to know for sure what our BIG Sole Purpose is -- or stamp our Sole Purpose in stone.  

Like everything else in nature, we are constantly changing. Too often we imprison ourselves in decisions or choices we made yesterday, last week, last month or last year -- and become frustrated because we are not fulfilled today.

A life lived on Sole Purpose gives us direction and focus but shouldn't tether us to a life we can't change or adjust or examine.

Statements such as, "Nothing ever works out for me", I am trapped", "I have to...", or "What will people think" are red flags that it is time to redefine happiness, success and fulfillment on your terms, today.

What is a Life Coaching 

Life coaching is life changing.  Life coaching is about transformation -- not just more information. As a life coach, I help people get off the hamster wheel and out of the rat race so they can live a life that reflects who they are and how they want to live.

My unique Life Coaching programs are scientific and spiritual based, and integrate the latest cutting edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience with essential life-empowering practices from mindfulness, yoga and spiritual psychology.

Private Coaching Programs: Soul Purpose, Soul-to-Sole Purpose & Whole Purpose are offered to meet individuals unique needs, visions and goals


SOUL Purpose is a 90-Day Personal Coaching Program

The Discover Coaching Program offers you one-on-one support and accountability to create real change in a specific area of your life. 

  • 1.5 hour initial discovery and foundation call to clarify what you are focused on creating and determine our work together.
  • 9 , 50-minute personal coaching calls (3 per month via phone or video)
  • Worksheets & tools to support your journey

SOUL To SOLE Purpose is a Six-Month Personal Coaching Program 

The Breakthrough Coaching Program offers you weekly one-on-one support, structure and accountability for personal growth, with the opportunity to focus on many areas. This program is designed for men and women ready to make comprehensive change in their life and shift to a broader more expansive perspective for possibilities. 

  • 2 hour initial discovery and foundation call to clarify what you are focused on creating and determine our work together.
  • 24, 60 -minute coaching calls (1 per week, via phone or video)
  • Email and text support between calls (total of 15 minutes between sessions - which equals additional 6 hours of optional bonus coaching hours)
  • Personalized homework assignments customized to your needs and goals
  • This program can be extended in 3 month increments

WHOLE Purpose is a One Year Personal Coaching Program 

The Master Coaching Program is a highly personalized and integrative program designed to help you, be and become, the master of your experience of this life -- including your emotions, beliefs, focus and actions -- and connect to the spirituality of who you are. Everything in nature has a purpose - and so do you.

  • Quarterly (4) 2.5 hour discovery and status session to evaluate our work, goals and progress
  • Weekly, 90 minute calls ( 1 per week, for 12 months via phone or video)
  • Personal access to me via text and phone (up to 1 hour per week)
  • Only 3 MASTER Coaching spots available