Find more joy in daily life and learn to become empowered from the inside out!

The Yoga Sutras invite us to expand our yoga journey beyond the poses. It offers us a practical guide for experiencing more meaning, joy and confidence in daily life - for our modern times.

This is a LIVE Interactive Online Study Group for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Students, Seekers or Anyone on a spiriutal path interested in positive change, continued growth and sustained happiness.

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    The Yoga Sutra of Patañjali... 

    Is one of the central and foundational texts of Yoga -- focused on reducing human suffering and creating more sustained joy in daily life. 

    And although they were composed at least 2500 years ago, they are as relevant today as when they were written.

    They provide a practical roadmap for living skillfully and happily and offer tools that really work for modern times.


    These teachings have personally guided me over the the last several years. I've relied on them for both personal growth, overcoming challenges, reaching goals, building confidence, improving my relationships and navigating through life's constant change. But most specifically healing the daily anxiety I experienced since childhood.  

    Sharing these profound but practical Sutras with others has become the foundation of my role as a yoga teacher -- and life coach. They give my life and work profound meaning and have offered me a real structure to positively change my life, and help others.

    While the physical aspect of yoga is extremely important, when put in its larger context, it is also meant to be an integrative tool for purifying the mind and creating more joy, rather than just an isolated form of exercise. 

    Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra manages to find a way to call attention to our negative mental patterns that is at the heart of our suffering and dis-ease -- and to help us change what we can change and detach from what is no longer serving us. He does this within the context of our shared human experience.

    An understanding of this text is essential for both yoga teachers, yoga students - and spiriutal seekers


    This Course is For You If...  

    • You're a yoga teacher, yoga student or spiritual seeker interested in a new, holistic and practical approach to positive change.

    • You're a yoga student and want to take your yoga practice beyond the yoga mat and into daily life.

    • You're ready to gain a deeper and richer understanding of the yoga philosophy and psychology -- and practical tools to live it in everyday life.

    • You want to learn a sustainable path for healing the whole person (self and others) rather than focusing on obstacles.

    • You're ready to develop a personal daily practice of self-care and personal responsibility

    • You want to cultivate more joy in daily life

    Chapters begins every 3-Months on the First Saturday of the Month: 3-6 CST / 1-4 PST


    How it Works:

    • We will meet ONE Saturday a month for 3-hours, for 3 months per chapter from 1p-4p PST / 3p-6p CST online. You can join from anywhere!

    • Chapter 1: On being in a state of Yoga / September-November, 2018

    • Chapter 2: The foundations of Practice / December, 2-18-February, 2019

    • I HIGHLY reccommend both chapters: the second chapter answers the questions presented in the first chapter -- and both tie together to create in-the-moment symptom relief and the necessary deep longer term transformation.

    We'll study each sutra, focusing on key sutras word for word. Our focus will be on learning and understanding the larger context and the teaching within the sutras --  but most importantly on the practical application of them in our daily lives - and especially in areas that we want to see change and progress.

    Chapter Two Introduces us to: 

    • Kriya Yoga: Action of creating discernment: refining the mind and eliminating suffering

    • The sources of our suffering

    • Suggestions to overcome the sources of our suffering

    • Answer to our suffering

    • The 8 limbs: The disciplines to gain discernment and freedom

    • Tools for healing relationships, lifestyle habits

    • Tools to purify the body and breath

    • Tools to gain self regulation and mental control

    • A path to understand who we truly

    Chapter One Introduces us to: 

    • The definition of yoga

    • The activities of the mind that can be painful or painless

    • The method: practice & detachment

    • The first tool on our path

    • The obstacles we might face

    • The warning signs that we are stuck

    • The 7 in the moment tools to get unstuck and back on the path of yoga.


    Monthly Investment Fee

    • Cost is $75 per month.

    Monthly Investment Includes:

    • 3 hours of LIVE Interactive Learning with Joy (ME!) in a supportive, structured and positive online classroom

    • Worksheets with the Sanskrit language to take notes for each of the key sutras in each chapter

    • Handouts outlining each chapters process & key points

    • 24/7 access to our Private Facebook Group where we can continue the learnnig between sessions. You can connect with me and other members of the group with comments, questions, experiences, etc...

    • A life-enhancing experience!


    • September 8, October 6 & November 3 (chapter 1)

    • December 1, January 5 & February 2 (chapter 2)

    When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations; your conscious expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a great, new and wonderful world.
    — Patanjali

    I'd LOVE to share these teachings with you!

    If this is calling you, please contact me directly with any questions or click the button to register and reserve your spot. Space is truly limited to ensure the best experience for all