6 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm: Some Assembly Required…

A One-of-a-Kind Online Course! If you experience overwhelm, anxiety or fear that interferes with the quality of your life, this course is for you!

6 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm is rooted in the practical and proven tradition of yoga psychology -- and supported with studies and practices from both modern positive psychology and neuroscience.

The 6 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm: 

  1. Step 1: Identify the true cause of overwhelm, fear & anxiety
  2. Step 2: Acknowledge the power of who you truly are, and how to use it
  3. Step 3: A New Vision: Replacing Blame with Personal Responsibility 
  4. Step 4: Practice & Detachment: The consistent process of positive change
  5. Step 5: Daily Commitment: Continued growth of happiness, confidence and peace of mind
  6. Step 6: The Benefits: Resembled; living with the new you 

Coming in September 2018!